Meeteorite is a company that offers SaaS products combining simple collaborative methodologies and cutting-edge technology allowing users to set-up, facilitate, and manage all meeting outcomes.

The company and its products came about as a solution to the current worldwide problem of inefficient meetings that suck time, energy, creativity and resources out of businesses which are already suffering from continual decreasing revenues and rising costs.

  • The proprietary suite of Meeteorite products are incredibly simple and intuitive to use.
  • The products enable efficient and effective meetings with defined and measurable outcomes.
  • The on-line software can be used in face-to-face forums, across video conferencing platforms, and on tablet technology and mobile devices.
  • Management visibility across all Meeteorite services encourages stronger decision making and timely compliance around agreed action points.
  • The proven and patented processes are designed to deliver meeting productivity and workforce accountability, driving healthy profits back into business.

Meeteorite is a revolutionary meeting management tool helping organizations to capture collaborative intelligence and drive productivity out of all meetings as a cross-organizational solution.

Meeteorite is the simplest and most effective way to set-up, facilitate and manage the outcomes of all your meetings from anywhere, anytime.